Your voice is important

You’ve probably heard it said that you don’t have a right to say anything about your partner’s pregnancy. But you actually do have a voice, and an opportunity to provide her the support she needs during a time that can be very overwhelming for her. In fact, your voice can help give her the confidence she needs to make the best decision for herself and her future.

But while you want to help her, it’s easy for you to feel confused and overwhelmed yourself. An unplanned pregnancy was probably not at all what you had expected and you’re wondering what it means, for not just your partner, but yourself as well. It can leave you feeling confused about your relationship, what it might mean for the two of you, and what it means for your own future.

Helping you help her

That’s where we can help. Our Volunteer Mentors can help provide you support and encouragement in a safe, non-judgmental environment, not just for both of you as a couple but specific just for you. Our Volunteer Mentors know how overwhelming an unplanned pregnancy can be for you as the guy, some of them have even been in your shoes. That means our team will not only answer your questions, they’ll listen. They want to hear what you are thinking, what your fears are and what your partner’s pregnancy could mean for your future. What’s more, they can help you understand what your partner needs from you, and the support you can provide her, as she navigates a scary and confusing time. 

Talking to someone who understands and can provide you the information you need can make all the difference when you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy and trying to decide what to do. 

Schedule an appointment today at Pregnancy Options, so that you can be ready to support your partner and help her  make the very best decision for your unplanned pregnancy. Contact us today.