What do I need to know to parent?

Perhaps you haven’t considered parenting because you feel you lack the resources to be successful. On your own that may be true, but with Pregnancy Options by your side, you’ll have the education, resources and emotional support you need. Many women have chosen to parent by themselves, or with the help of the father and/or family. It is possible and you can be successful. Let us show you how.

Am I ready to be a parent?

Ask any parent and they will tell you it was much harder than they thought it would be. But, they survived and you will too. Parenting means you are putting your child’s needs before your own, and you’ve actually already done that by choosing not to terminate your pregnancy. There are several issues that need to be taken into account as you consider parenting.


Being a parent isn’t cheap. However, we have several ways to help you get the assistance you need. Our Earn While You Learn classes are a perfect example. At Pregnancy Options, we offer prenatal and parenting classes. As you learn, you will be earning “baby bucks.” This allows you to shop in our baby boutique for maternity, as well as baby necessities. We’ll give you referrals for financial and housing assistance if needed. We also offer certified Life Coaches. These volunteers will work with you to teach you skills for becoming a better woman and mother.


Parenting is stressful. One moment you’re enjoying the coos of your newborn and the next, they’re crying. Our volunteers want to give you as much emotional support as you need. By taking our parenting courses, you’ll learn how to deal with the changing needs of babies and toddlers. Referrals for child care assistance are also available to give you the break you need. We also offer peer counseling with access to a licensed counselor who will talk with you.


Sometimes it just helps to have others around you who are going through the same situation. Many of us understand the demand parenting puts on you. We’ll put you in touch with online and in-person groups of other single mothers. When you share the journey with someone else, it always makes it easier.

Choose to parent your baby and the staff at Pregnancy Options will be with you every step of the way. You won’t have to do it alone. No matter who else is a part of your life, we want to be there for you. Let’s talk about this amazing option. Contact us today.