Getting pregnant while you are in school can leave you feeling overwhelmed and that your world is spinning out of control. Your brain is racing with all sorts of questions. How will your partner and parents react? How will you finish school? What does a pregnancy mean for starting your career?

Even worse, you can feel alone as the questions and confusion can leave you feeling unsure about who you can talk to.

Free pregnancy tests & Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds

The good news is you are not alone. We are here for you, to listen to you, and to provide the services you need to get answers and take control of your life. If you’ve already taken a home pregnancy test, or think you might be showing symptoms of pregnancy, then Pregnancy Options Clinic can offer you a no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy test.

You do not need an appointment for pregnancy testing. Please call ahead for all other services.

If the pregnancy test is positive then our staff can provide information on potential next steps, including whether you should schedule a follow-up Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound appointment. A Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound is necessary to determine the gestational age of your pregnancy and if it is a viable pregnancy.

You deserve the very best information about your options, and the safety and security to make the choices that will take care of you and your needs. Because all of our services are provided to you at no cost, you can be confident that we won’t profit from the decisions you make, which means our only concern is for you.

Whether you think you might be pregnant, or have taken a home pregnancy test, please contact us right away, or just stop by the Pregnancy Options Clinic.

For your convenience we have directions available from your school to the center.