Navigating Pressure from Friends and Family When Considering Abortion

Are you struggling with an unplanned pregnancy and feeling pressured to have an abortion? While your friends and family may mean well, you should never feel like abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Exploring all the options will give you confidence as you decide what’s best for you and your pregnancy.

What Are My Options?

When it comes to finding a solution for an unplanned pregnancy, women have three options: abortion, adoption, or parenting.


An abortion is available in two forms: medical or surgical. The age of your pregnancy and your personal health history will determine which type of abortion is better for you.

A medical abortion, also known as the abortion pill, uses a combination of drugs to terminate a pregnancy.

A surgical abortion is an outpatient procedure that takes place at a hospital or clinic. Your doctor will provide local or general anesthesia and then use forceps or a vacuum device to remove the pregnancy piece by piece.

If you choose abortion, you will be accepting a certain amount of risk; women have reported a variety of emotional and physical side effects, including:

  • Infection
  • Damage to the womb
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


Adoption is a valid choice for women who don’t feel ready to parent but do not want to put their  body through the harsh realities of an abortion.

Choosing adoption means you get to decide who will raise your child. It also means working with a local adoption agency for the duration of the adoption process.

Women who choose adoption will have the option to remain anonymous during the entire process or develop a lasting relationship with their child.

Many women experience a period of sadness and grieving after the adoption is complete, so it’s very important to have a strong support system to love and encourage you.


Motherhood involves preparing yourself physically, emotionally, and financially to raise a child. While you may not have expected to become a mom so soon, with the right support and education, almost any woman can become a great mother.

However, parenting involves a lot of sacrifice and preparation. If you do not have the support of your partner or family, you will need to find other resources to carry you through the parenting journey.

The Choice Is Up To You

Remember, you have the final say when it comes to your pregnancy. If you are feeling unsupported by your family and friends, Pregnancy Options is here to serve you.

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